The Law Offices of Michael Ira Asen, P.C.

Welcome to Recovery PAY

The Law Offices of Michael Ira Asen, P.C. is a leader in civil recovery, and provides our clients with over 36 years of experience in legal practice. We have expertise in all aspects of retail security operations, from loss prevention services, to employee restitution and civil demand. This broad-based knowledge gives retailers important advantages in achieving timely, cost-effective recovery. We represent several national retailers, including department stores, restaurant chains and grocery chains.

If you have received a letter from our office you may access your case information, make a payment and/or payment arrangement, print a copy of the letter(s) sent regarding the case, and contact us through this website. You may pay online via credit card or e-check. You will be required to enter the case number, the date the incident occurred, and a piece of personal information (for verification purposes) in order to access the case information or process a payment. Please have this information available.

If you prefer to mail your payment(s) or correspondence, please send it to the address listed below. To ensure correct processing, please reference your case number on your payment and correspondence.